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Refund Policy

Refund for online purchases

If products that you ordered are not in stock with us at the moment or are damaged or missing during delivery, we will deliver the remaining part of your order for which the products are in stock. For the products that are no longer available, damaged or missing, we will process a refund to your credit card account   Once the processing of the refund request is done on our side, we will issue a request to the bank to process the refund. The duration that the bank will take to process the refund request & post the transaction in your credit card account statement is controlled by the bank. You should contact the bank which issued the credit card for more details. If products are damaged or missing at the time of delivery, we request the customer to clearly indicate on the delivery order by circling the products that are damaged or missing in the list & stating the quantity that is missing. Please also mention whether the product/s is/are damaged or the product/s is/are missing beside every product that you circle. At the end, please mention the total amount that is to be refunded at the bottom of the delivery order & sign . Please return the delivery order to the delivery personnel at the time of delivery.

In the case of customers who have made payment using Paypal, refunds will be in accordance with Paypal’s prevailing refund policy.  Further information on Paypal’s refund policy can be found on the Paypal website at


Refund for store purchases

If the items purchased in our stores are defective, customers need to produce the original receipt to request for exchange or refund, within 5 working days.