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  • Working with High-Risk Adolescents

    			$_price: S$57.50
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    Co-op Member: S$51.75

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    Usual Price: S$57.50

  • Collected Readings on Community Development in Singapore

    			$_price: S$27.00
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    Nett: S$27.00

  • Clinician's Guide to Research Methods in Family Therapy : Foundations of Evidence-Based Practice

    			$_price: S$47.20
    $_regularPrice: S$47.20
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    Co-op Member: S$42.48

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    Usual Price: S$47.20

  • Essential Skills in Family Therapy

    			$_price: S$71.80
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    Array ( )

    Co-op Member: S$64.62

    Excl. Tax: S$71.80 S$71.80 S$71.80 Incl. Tax: S$71.80 S$0.00

    Usual Price: S$71.80

  • Happiness: How to Get Into the Habit of Being Happy

    			$_price: S$23.50
    $_regularPrice: S$23.50
    $_finalPrice: S$23.50
    $_finalPriceInclTax: S$23.50
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    Array ( )

    Co-op Member: S$21.15

    Excl. Tax: S$23.50 S$23.50 S$23.50 Incl. Tax: S$23.50 S$0.00

    Usual Price: S$23.50

  • Positive Thinking Pocketbook: Little Exercises for a Happy and Successful Life

    			$_price: S$21.40
    $_regularPrice: S$21.40
    $_finalPrice: S$21.40
    $_finalPriceInclTax: S$21.40
    $_weeeDisplayType: S$0.00
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    $_minimalPrice: S$21.40
    $_specialprice: S$0.00
    Array ( )

    Co-op Member: S$19.26

    Excl. Tax: S$21.40 S$21.40 S$21.40 Incl. Tax: S$21.40 S$0.00

    Usual Price: S$21.40

  • How to Influence People: Motivate, Inspire and Get the Results You Want

    			$_price: S$22.50
    $_regularPrice: S$22.50
    $_finalPrice: S$22.50
    $_finalPriceInclTax: S$22.50
    $_weeeDisplayType: S$0.00
    $_minimalPriceValue: S$22.50
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    $_minimalPrice: S$22.50
    $_specialprice: S$0.00
    Array ( )

    Co-op Member: S$20.25

    Excl. Tax: S$22.50 S$22.50 S$22.50 Incl. Tax: S$22.50 S$0.00

    Usual Price: S$22.50

  • How to Sleep Well: The Science of Sleeping Smarter, Living Better and Being Productive

    			$_price: S$26.70
    $_regularPrice: S$26.70
    $_finalPrice: S$26.70
    $_finalPriceInclTax: S$26.70
    $_weeeDisplayType: S$0.00
    $_minimalPriceValue: S$26.70
    $_simplePricesTax: S$0.00
    $_minimalPrice: S$26.70
    $_specialprice: S$0.00
    Array ( )

    Co-op Member: S$24.03

    Excl. Tax: S$26.70 S$26.70 S$26.70 Incl. Tax: S$26.70 S$0.00

    Usual Price: S$26.70

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