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As with previous editions, the new Aesthetics: A Reader in Philosophy of the Arts uses classic and contemporary readings of leading philosophers of the arts. This Third Edition includes more than a dozen new essays either written or adapted especially for this volume. Containing more than 90 essays in total, the new edition offers generous choices for class readings, thus minimizing supplementary material needed for required assignments and independent research. In keeping with earlier editions, the Third Edition is a large collection of essays, most comparatively brief and organized first by groupings of art forms and then by general essays about the arts. It attempts to keep pace with theorizing about those art forms not traditionally covered in most books on aesthetics, like the jazz, rock, comics, video games, and even the aesthetics of junkyards. There is, then, an emphasis on the popular and mass arts and everyday aesthetics, as well as on time-honored problems in philosophy of the arts. This edition, which contains contributions by both analytic and continental philosophers, expands upon offerings in non-Western art and aesthetics.


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